PIB Execution: Hurdles Impeding Optimal Performance

At less than 40 per cent physical execution rate as at June, there are hopes the target will be attained by the end of the year if reforms are implemented.

The execution rate of the 2018 public investment budget (PIB) has not been all bed of roses since the start of the financial year. The implementation of the projects earmarked in different sectorial ministries for 2018 are hitting the rocks due to several factors. According to the Director General of Economy and Public Investment Programming in the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Isaac Tamba, the execution of the PIB has been very laborious for the first six months of the year with less than 40 per cent physical execution rate and 50 per cent financial execution. The execution according to the senior official is plagued by financial, administrative, security and climatic factors. Financially, most enterprises that won bids to execute projects did not have the financial capacity to execute the contracts. Furthermore, the project sites were not liberated by the riverine populations due to the unavailability of resources to pay indemnities to those who lost landed properties at the sites. Technically, the Director General of Economy stated the immaturity of projects which made realisation difficult. “We realised that there were immature projects earmarked for this year’s public investment budget,” he told Cameroon Business Today. Security challenges in the North West and South West Regions have also affected the execution of PIB. However, there is hope in the horizon for the execution rate to increase tremendously if reforms put in place recently are implemented such as the reform on the maturation of projects as well as the Public Contract Code. This explains why members of the National Committee for the Follow- up of Public Investment meeting in Yaounde recently, examined the difficulties and proposed solutions to accelerate its execution. Presiding over the session, the President of the National Committee for the Follow-up of the Public Investment Budget, Hon. Rosette Moutymbo Ayayi reiterated that measures put in place by the government to ensure optimal performance of the PIB must more than ever before be strictly applied. Some of the measures include intense follow up by Regional Governors and Senior Divisional Officers, a better appropriation of public order procedures and a contraction in the execution period amongst others. Hon Rosette Ayayi thus challenged stakeholders to spare no efforts in ensuing that the PIB is effectively executed. It should be recalled that the PIB represents 28.6 per cent in the 2018 State budget, that is, FCFA 1, 291.5 billion. It is being executed within a particular context marked by the implementation of the Economic Programme supported by the Extended Credit Facility of the IMF.

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