Fresh Impetus For Agricultural Revolution

The change at the helm of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is indisputably to match words with action as President Paul Biya recently stated the need to revitalise the sector.

The January 4 Dion Nguteled government is one with great challenges and expectations. As the euphoria that characterises the naming of the new government and their commissioning into office Monday January 7, 2018, continue to be felt among the appointees, Cameroonian people are expecting results that will have a trickle-down effect on the population. Agriculture is Cameroon’s economic mainstay employing about 70 per cent of the active population and contributing about 20 per cent to the GDP. President Paul Biya during his inaugural speech at the National Assembly last November 6, talked on the need to revolutionise agriculture. He re-echoed the same desire of transforming Cameroon’s agricultural sector on his December 31 end-of year message to the nation. “Without going into details of our projects which I talked about recently, I would like to simply recall that one of our priorities should be the modernization of our agriculture by meeting its production and diversification targets, and providing it  with the required technical resources. The broad outline of this “agricultural revolution” was defined at the Ebolowa Agricultural Show and is still relevant,” he stated. Thus, the movement at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development where a technocrat is now in charge  speaks volume of the determination of the Head of State to bring change in the sector. Gabriel Mbairobe, a graduate from the Yaounde Polytechnic was before his appointment the Director of Industry at the Garoua-based agro-industrial giant, SODECOTON. He will therefore have the task to imple ment government’s vision in the agricultural sector. A vision which aims at revolutionising the sector so as to optimise the enormous potentials the country has. Modernising and mechanising agricultural practices to boost production and processing of agricultural products (value addition) are paramount  in other to limit importation. For Cameroon to emerge, its agricultural sector must be revolutionised and modern methods introduced. The Dion Ngute led government is therefore expected to up the game and ensure the implementation of the measures defined during the Ebolowa Agric Show. 

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