Oil and Gas Exploration: Russian Innovative Technology Soon

Russian experts presented some technologies to the business community and higher institutes in Douala recently. 

The oil and gas sector as well as the mining sector in Cameroon will soon witness an increase in production following the implementation of Russian innovative technologies. Some scientists and experts from the Institute of Innovative Engineering Technologies of the RUDN University in Russia have unveiled new technologies in oil and gas production to enterprises in the sector. The experts, led by Dr Anatoly Ryzhkov also held talks with officials and students of the Douala University during which they presented courses the university offers after presenting RUDN University in figures and history dating  60 years back. Qualifying Cameroon as Africa in miniature, Anatoly Ryzhkov added that Cameroon has great potential in oil and gas and with Russians new technologies that have equally been implemented in Latin America, the Middle East and China among other countries, Cameroon will also benefit from the technology transfer that will make the sector more fruitful. On the invitation of its local representative, Multi Services and Industrial Material-MSMI, in collaboration with the University Institute of Petroleum Science and Management-IUSPM, Evgeny Shcsnyak disclosed that their mission is to share and transfer innovative technologies to petroleum producing countries in Africa. Qualifying the Institute of Innovative Engineering Technology as an incubator for technology, is telling of the quality technology that Cameroon will enjoy while partnering with Russia. To Evgeny Shcsnyak, Russia is a friendly country and have so far secured a promising partnership with Cameroonian industries. During the meeting with the business community in GICAM, Jerome Minlend, an oil and gas expert from CAC International recounted Cameroon’s petroleum history since 1950 and disclosed that exploration methods drastically improved and will soon go sophisticated with the presence of the Russians. Given that fuel consumption has increased with population growth, there is need for sophisticated technology that will lead to maximum fuel exploration and production. 

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