Nyango: Organic Curative and Preventive Products

The brand that consist of bathing soap made with organic charcoal, rice and coffee extracts cleanse the skin.

Nyango is another cosmetic brand that has come to supplement other made in Cameroon brands with the objective of giving the skin its original colour and texture. Given that the skin is sensitive and reacts automatically to any irritation caused by what it comes in contact with, many Cameroonians have surmount the courage to study natural ingredients and come out with ways of introducing it in local cosmetics. Going by the promoter of Nyango, a cosmetic brand that brings solution to all skin texture and diseases, Marie Nicole Baleba, the bathing soap and essential oil she produces is built on quality with enough natural product extracts. She produces bathing soap in the form of cupcake with organic charcoal extract which has high skin embellishment properties. She also does bathing soap with rice extracts which is good for the skin as well as for the hair. To make hair have good texture and grow evenly, some women boiled rice, remove the boiling water and wash their hair with. However, the coming of the bathing soap made with rice extract has greatly lessen the stress some women used to go through. When we hear of coffee, we always attribute it to skin or dress colour; coffee brown. Bathing soap made with coffee extract that has as principal function to rejuvenate the skin and restore its originality is one of her eight products. All the bathing soap have the efficacy to fight heat rash and blemishes. Away from soap, Nyango also processes essential oils and oil from fruits like coconut oil. To the promoter, Marie Nicole Baleba, she got her capital from processing coconut oil. With FCFA 5,000, she bought a good quantity of coconut and processed coconut oil thanks to the training she got from her mother. From the proceeds of the coconut oil, she extended her business to processing bathing soap, which is her main product at press time.

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