Morincao: Curative Hot Drink Powder

Made with cocoa dust, soya beans, menthe, ginger and lemongrass, moringa is main ingredient.

Beverage, whether hot or cold is no longer produced with mere coloured water and flavour but with natural ingredients with curative properties. Few years back, especially during events like Youth Day celebration, traders produced coloured water, packaged in transparent wrappings to make it attractive, get it freeze and sell to whoever is thirsty in the name of cold beverage. With discoveries made in the plant domain, many now process natural materials with lots of virtues to produce both hot and cold beverage. One of such findings led to the birth of Morincao; powder for hot drink produced with numerous organic elements with moringa being the main ingredient. The therapeutic and nutritive hot beverage is packed with virtues. To Martial Paul Ymeli, the Deputy Delegate of the Common Initiative Group (CIG) Les Merveilles Agricoles de la Mère Nature du Cameroun dubbed MMN, the powder made with moringa leafs, soya beans and cocoa powder, contains four flavour including ginger, ginseng, lemongrass and menthe. According to him, taking the beverage, which is also referred to as tea, cures and prevents some ailments including constipation, intellectual and physical fatigue, and backache among others. The fact that moringa, be it the leafs or seeds, has no good taste and aftertaste ginger, ginseng, lemongrass or menthe is added to morin...

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