Rond-Point Deido-Bonaberi: Mini Interchange Opening Boost Circulation

For close to two weeks now, vehicles have been plying the stretch of viaduct at a speed of 100km/h.

Before the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of the second bridge over the Wouri River by the President of the Republic on November 14, 2013, businesses and commuters moving to and fro Bonaberi suffered continues traffic jam. The traffic congestion grew worse as the construction work evolved till October last year when circulation was partially opened for cars leaving Bonaberi for Deido and then on  both sides. Before the opening of the viaduct, the rail bridge went operational on July 31,  2017, and was a relief not only to vehicles and motorbikes, but also to trains as they also suffe red traffic jams when vehicles blocked the rails. Today, circulation across the Bonaberi Bridge is like a dream to many following the opening of the interchange at Rond-Point Deido. For close to two weeks, drivers and motorcyclists have been circulating with little or no traffic compared to few months back when commuters took up to four hours to ply the same stretch. James Willy, a Bonaberi denizen, who parked his vehicle home during the worse days of traffic jam and boarded commercial motorbike to work daily, disclosed  that he now ply the Rond-Point Deido-Second Wouri Bridge at the speed of 100km/h. He was marvelled that vehicles now use at most 4 minutes to cross the Bonaberi Bridge. Since the interchange separates vehicles going to Yaounde from those going to Rond Point Deido and Akwa Nord, and those going to Bonaberi from Rond Point and from Yaounde, circulation is bound to be fluid. The strategic infrastructure will rekindle the economy especially as it links three agricultural production basins to the economic capital including the South West,  the North West and the West Regions as well as an important breadbasket of the region which is the Moungo Division. Food and cash crops including plantains, banana, potatoes, tomatoes, maize, eru, vegetables, and fruits as well as cocoa and wood are transported from the aforementioned regions to the economic capital through the bridge on daily bases to markets and the ports for exportation. The smooth traffic is a booster to companies in the Bonaberi industrial zones where efficiency will once more prevail.

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