FEBASI 2018: Basic Foodstuff At Doorsteps Of Consumers

The yearly trade fair that brings together varieties of foodstuffs from all 10 regions aims at reducing high cost of living especial during this end-of-year season. 

Douala II Council area is the host of the 6th edition of “National forum of exchange between the ‘Buyam-sellam’ and other informal sector actors (known with its French acronym as FEBASI). The trade fair that is organised yearly since 2013, brings together traders, farmers, manufacturers, livestock breeders and other actors of the informal sector from all 10 regions of the country to sell their products to the population at a cheaper rate. Amongst foodstuffs and manufactured products that will  be sold during the trade fair that officially opens today in the economic capital are plantains, vegetable and tubers of all sorts, spices ranging from onion cultivated in the grand North to ginger produced in the West Region. There will also be processed food like flour, milk, sugar, rice as well as fabrics and other clothing and shoes for the Douala populace and visitors. According to the President of FEBASI, Mbala Biloa Marie, the trade fair that metamorphosed from FEBASI through FEBASI New-look to FEBASI International, is out to provide basic commodities to the population at reduced prices.  “A kilogramme of meat by the Douala slaughter house will go for FCFA 2,000 instead of FCFA 2,500 while a heap of Cocoyam (macabo) will cost FCFA 800 instead of FCFA 1, 000,” she disclosed. “Those who think meat is eaten only on special occasions should visit the trade fair ground and discover that it can be eaten even when there are no events,” she said jokingly. It is expected that by the end of the trade fair on December 16th, the population must have benefited from the cheap rates of commodities while exhibitors will also return to their various regions with empty baskets. One of the exhibitors from the  Mayo Sava Division, Aissatou Mohamat epse Aboubakari, who sold all her commodities during the 2016 edition, said she was satisfied and hoped that the 2018 edition will be better. Being the 6th edition, the President of FEBASI, Mbala Biloa Marie lamented that the trade fair that hasn’t received any financial support from the government since 2013, is evolving. She acclaimed the Mayor of Douala II, Denise Fampou for her evergrowing support and enjoined the Cameroon government to stretch a financial hand to the association. 

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