End-of-year Season: Diverse Toys, Accessories For Brisk Business

Markets and shops are inundated during this period as businessmen are seizing the opportunity to make fast cash.

The end-of-year season characterised by Christmas and New Year’s Day celebrations amidst other festivities, presents a veritable moment for business. The Christmas season is a period of high demand of various items including children’s toys, electronics and other decorative items like “Christmas tree,” bells and jingles. These items which constitute a major source of entertainment for children during the festive season. The toys are designed to depict some fashionable items ranging from electronics, musical instruments, and automobiles amongst others. Decorative items are also being modernised to make them trendy and attractive for clients.  The festive season which is traditionally characterised by high demand, is already on with businessmen upping their game with new marketing strategies. No one is indifferent as everyone wants to outsmart other competitors in the business. Thus, varied strategies to optimise  sales have been adopted by supermarket managers, shop owners and individual traders on the streets. Most supermarkets this reporter visited in the nation’s capital, Yaounde, have  adopted strategies to maximise sales. Discount prices, offering of gifts for items bought and after sales services constitute incentives to lure clients. In some shops, discount is up to  40 per cent. This, according to a Sales Manager in one of the shops, is to increase sales and clear their stocks. “Since instituting the discount at the start of December, sales have  increased, he affirmed. Traders are also clearing their last year’s stock on giveaway prices especially with toys and other decorative accessories before bringing in new stock as a shop keeper in the Mokolo market told Cameroon Business Today. The prices vary depending on the item and the quality. Accessories like Christmas tree, bells and jingles are not only sold in the markets and shops but are also being hawked on the streets of Yaounde. In one of the shops at the Yaounde Central Market, a Sales Manager, Bruno Kenfack said the periodic business is picking up after the November pay out for salaried workers. The demand of Christmas tree for instance is increasing as the days go by with one costing at least FCFA 10,000. The bustling in Yaounde markets is telling of the brisk business ongoing for end-of-year season items. Some supermarkets are now using public sound systems to advertise their goods and discount prices offered to clients while others have gone to the social media and traditional media to lure customers.

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