Espace B’Bio: The Showground for Organic Products

The trade fair by Maison Sanzo’o regrouped over 40 participants with hundreds of products.
Living a natural lifestyle by eating organic products no doubts fortifies health. Where to find natural products is not the only worry of producers but convincing the population to go for organic products made in Cameroon is one of the greatest challenges. Making efforts over the years towards discovering organic products and sensitizing the population on health benefits of such products is Maison Sanzo’o, an enterprise that processes organic products. To discover small and medium-sized enterprises dealing in organic products, which plays an important role in the Cameroon economy, Management of Maison Sanzo’o organized a trade fair that gathered entrepreneurs of the processing  sector. According to the Head of Maison Sanzo’o, Fréderic Donna, Cameroon is blessed with natural resources that are yet to be fully exploited. “Regrouping ourselves makes us stronger. We discover new  technics and improve on our products thanks to the bond we share,” he made known. The B’Bio trade fair that is in its 6th edition has improved over time both in number and quality. “Our first focus is to help Cameroonians discover what we produce. We supply some of the big supermarkets and we equally see some imported products packed with chemicals in such supermarkets. The worst  our products might cause is diarrhea but some imported products packed with chemicals are bearers of terminal diseases like cancer, as well as cardiovascular diseases that cause millions to treat and still end up taking lives,” he lamented. Though the government has been doing much to promote SMEs through FNE, SME Bank and other ministerial projects, more still needs to be done especially on financing. To the organizer, long term financing is ideal for economic revamping and with adequate finance and basic support, Fréderic Donna said they can supply 50 per cent of the Cameroonian market thereby limiting importation.  “If the government joins this sector of the economy, we will be able to compete not only with West Africa but will soon reach the level of North Africa,” he concluded.

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