Waste Collection, Disposal: Second Operator Expected To Begin Work In Yaounde

Solid waste management stands as one of the critical environmental challenges of rapid urban development facing the capital city. 

Solid waste generated in the city of Yaounde varies in quantities, types, humidity and density and proper disposal of such waste depend on residential zones, industrial areas, institution and commercial places. It is therefore against this backdrop that, the Yaounde City Council thought it appropriate to sign another contract with, a new waste disposal company (URBANDNA/AMBIAFRICA/ LIPOR) in order to reinforce the Hygiene and Sanitation Company, (HYSACAM) that has been cleaning the town for the past years. The collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of refuse in the nation’s capital will be the main activities of both companies which will serve the 3.5 million inhabitants of the city. Waste generated from domestic, social and industrial activities is increasing in quantity as a result of growing population, rising standards of living and technological development. 
In order, to meet up with increasing waste management challenges, the Government Delegate to the Yaounde city Council, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, deemed it necessary to bring in another company to boost waste collection and disposal to keep the city clean. Talking to ‘Cameroon Business Today’, the Chief of Service for Environment and Hygiene at the Yaounde City Council, Mahou Ngimbous Georges, 
maintained that, prior to the signing of a contract with the new company, HYSACAM have been working effectively to keep the town clean but with the increase in population and the rapid growth of the city, it is difficult and almost impossible for a single company to work effectively.With the coming in of a new company, he is optimistic inhabitants of the city will be comfortably served as far as waste disposal is concerned. Ngimbous revealed that, “HYSACAM will be in charge of four council areas while (URBANDNA/AMBIAFRICA/LIPOR) will operate in the other three councils that make up the capital city. Each company will have an area in town where its waste will be disposed. The quantity of garbage expected to be carried daily in Yaounde stands at 1,210 tons; an amount which could be improved with the new operator to about 2000 tons of waste per day.The government pays 85 per cent of what is obtained by both companies as subventions while 15 per cent is paid by the Yaounde city council. 

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