South West: Several Projects To Better Life

FCFA 8.76.620.000 will be used to execute 529 projects in all the six administrative unit of the region.

The South West Region will in 2019, be booming with a myriad of projects in all its six administrative units, authorities have said. The region has been earmarked with 529 projects in the Public Investment Budget (PIB) to be financed at the tune of FCFA 8.767.620.000. South West Regional Delegate for the Economy, Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT), BuindaGodlove explained that the 2019 Public Investment Budget (PIB) is in two types: automatic and punctual credit. Headded that the automatic credit is what is sent at the beginning of the 
financial year which stands at FCFA 8.676.620.000 while the punctual credit comes in the course of the year. Among the 529 projects are: Lewoh-NjenawungAllh/ Nieh road, Mendia-Awut, MbaNjifie-Tohkomkeng road to be rehabilitated, jagem and GS Apongtobe given a new facelift; all in Lebialem Division. In Ndian Division, an extension of potable water supply at Njangassa-Bekum, rural electrification in Ekondo-Titi andits environs; all in Ndian Division amongst others are highly awaited.Going by Divisionalallocation of the budget, Fako Division has been given FCFA 1.884.863, Meme FCFA 1.104. 924. Projects in Kupe Muanenguba will be executed with FCFA 
1.134.598 and Manyu has FCFA 1.225.201. Ndian and Lebialem will have FCFA 2.011.135 and FCFA 1.021.958 respectively. In 2018, there were 431 projects earmarked for the South West in the PIB that was supposed to gulp FCFA 8.020.780.953. Buinda Godlove regretted that most of the projects have not been executed owing tothe socio-political crisis within the Anglophone Community. As of December 20, 2018, the execution rate of all the projects stood at 30.68 per cent. On how 2019 projects will be executedgiven that the same impasse is still ongoing, he said that the situation with possible recommendations have been tabled to authority.

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