SONOPES: Catering Service for all Purse Sizes

The company serves quality food at home and abroad.

Cooking for the home is not as delicate as cooking for a ceremony since many people are concerned. To avoid food poisoning, some catering services are very careful the way they handle cooking and observe thorough hygiene given that the lives of many are entrusted in their hands. Cooking food for events by family members and friends is gradually becoming old fashion. Caroline vividly remembers how she missed out on the court and church wedding of her elder sister because she was part of the team that stayed home to prepare food for the occasion. To add salt to injury, she served food and drinks to the numerous invitees and was one of the last persons to sleep. The next morning, she washed all the plates and cutleries used for the reception and it was only after few days that she actually watched the wedding video that did not even carried her image. To be part of a ceremony from start to finish, catering services are indispensable.  Catering services take into consideration the number of people to attend a ceremony and the budget, and then strive to produce the exact menu ordered for by the client. This way, the whole food preparation, cutleries and at times chairs and canopies rest on  the shoulders of the catering service. The Managing Director of a catering service in the Littoral Region (SONOPES), Ekotto Djessi Viviane, who had passion for cuisine since her tender age regretted that the proliferation of catering services has led to a lot of bad cooking, putting the health of clients and invitees at stake. Some use bleached palm oil, others cook too salty and  many add too much seasoning, rendering it uneatable for hypertensive and diabetic patients. With SONOPES, people are placed before money and Ekotto Djessi Viviane, who intimated that her cookery skills is a gift from God, deepened her skills in cuisine in a catering school and later travelled to Europe for the same purpose. She made known that her catering service fits all sizes  of purse. “So far, my clients are satisfied with my cooking,” she said. The company offers a plate of food at between FCFA 3,000 and FCFA 15,000, depending on the menu. The lady that is known to serve in seminars, weddings and other social gatherings has been hired twice by Cameroonians in Italy to cook for wedding. 

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