Arkays: Three-Wheel Bikes Soon in Circulation

Urban transport has known a new development with three-wheel bikes now circulating in Douala. The three-wheel bikes that ply the streets of neighbouring Nigeria and other African countries will soon inundate streets in Cameroon. The bikes were recently presented to the public in a ceremony jointly presided by the Indian Consul to Cameroon, Ravi Kumar and Douala City Council official, Louis Lucien Mandengue. Speaking during the presentation ceremony, the Indian Consul said ARKAYS, the company that manufactures the bikes, is a trustworthy company whose founder puts people ahead of profit. He congratulated the company for bringing the bikes to Cameroon saying Cameroon is the gateway and largest country in central Africa. The Douala City Council official said the introduction of the bikes will create jobs in terms of people who will be working at the assembly plant, maintenance office as well as people who will be trained to set up private garages. He advised retailers to make sure purchase of the bikes is accompanied with the purchase of two helmets; one for the chauffeur and the other for the passenger so as to make a difference with the other bikes circulating in town. According to the chairman of ARKAYS, Kamal Ramesh Dhanwani, they are supplying a complete package comprising the motorbikes and setting up repair facilities all over the country. More so, he said the bikes are of better quality. “Most bike riders buy a new bike and use it only for about eight months and sell it to buy another. Whereas the Indian bikes can last two or three times longer thereby enabling the rider to stay for long before making another investment”, he said. The bikes are TVS king deluxe with three wheels. The bikes have USB ports that enables the owner to charge phones. It also has a fuel metre, double oil filter, powerful engine and flexible tiring lamps. The bikes are distributed in Cameroon by Mahira Company, a branch of ARKAYS.

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    Gervais Raoul boda
    12months ago

    Bsr la tvs Kong est la bienvenue mais pensez a inonder le marche camerounais des scooter tels que TVS Wego Jupiter Ntorq Jazz

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