Health Warriors International: Changing Food Delivery Market Dynamics

Food distribution platforms and establishments are expanding choice and convenience, allowing customers to order from a wide array with a single tap of their mobile phone.

Not all companies can afford a cafeteria, but with a service like Health Warriors International, businesses, institutions across the capital city can reap the reward of food delivery.  Created in 2018, the establishment is not only interested about food deliver but it’s also based on promoting healthy feeding during working hours. According to its Chief Executive Officer, Vanessa Bejanga, people stay at work for long hours without eating not because they do not have the finances but because they do not know where to get good food. “Offices are places people spend most of their time, and that is where they have trouble getting access to healthy food” she noted. Health Warriors International thus provides luncheon comprising of fried snails and natural fruit juice at offices with the aim that people can eat quality meals at the office as they would enjoy at a fine restaurant. Eating and drinking according to Health Warriors International must be done rightly so as to stay healthy. “We promote healthy feeding because we discovered that a lot of people are overweight due to the fact that they don’t eat properly, and secondly they don’t know where to have good food at affordable price”. The enterprise sought to be unique and special in their own way since to them most people consume typically beef, chicken or fish. “Snails have some healthy properties which produce cancer fighting effects and helps prevent heart disorders and its digests more rapidly, instead of eating fish, beef or chicken. Snails are rarely eaten at home and these services also acts as substitutes for meals consumed at home”. The natural fruit juice is processed by the enterprise without adding either water or sugar to it. With a weekly mail box for people to place their orders, luncheons are provided in offices as well as homes based on commands. A plate of snails is sold from FCFA 2000 while a bottle of natural fruit juice sells at FCFA 500. “Health Warriors’ International has as objective to keep people healthy and evade the consequences of obesity. With a work force of 6 employees, the enterprise buys snails from the Mvog- Mbi market in Yaounde. Starting with an initial capital of FCFA 200.000, and having a weekly profit of about FCFA 50.000, Vanessa Bejanga is optimistic an additional sum of FCFA 2 million will expand the establishment. Apart from offering luncheons Health Warriors International helps to provide dieting plans for individuals, families, and people who wish to lose weight.

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