Coop JXCIM Nature: When Mango Is Eaten Throughout The Year

The company processes organic dried mango, pineapple and other seasonal fruits.

Eating fresh fruits round the year is difficult in most parts of the country given that fruits have seasons. The season for most 
tree fruits like mango is from June right up to September while during off seasons, people still desire to eat mango. To make sure mango is eaten round the year, Coop JXCIM Nature did some research and acquired techniques to preserve the fruit for as long as two years. Also known as ADZAL, the dried mango that is 100 per cent natural and packed with natural sugar according to the CEO of the company, Ndzana Etoundi Hugues, can be eaten dried or wet. Quoting him “the mango when soaked in water for some time, regains its original form with no lost in nutrients and taste,” he disclosed.
Since there is abundance during the mango season, the company carries out huge processing to last during the off seasons. “We parcel in sachets of 50g and can process about 1,000 sachets per production session. Production also depends on the quantity of mango available,” he said. During the season of plenty, the company uses the opportunity to produce great quantity and stock. During off seasons, the company barely process between 200 and 300 sachets of 50g per production period. Sold at FCFA 500 per sachet, the dried mango fruit with no artificial preservative method, according to the promoter, are sold in some supermarkets and other big sales points in Douala and Yaounde. Though mostly found in the two big cities, the organic dried fruit is also highly solicited and sold in Kouseri and Kye-Osi and has gotten business deals in neighbouring Equatorial Guinea

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