Elanga: Therapeutic Liquor

The drink made from cocoa beans and coffee though highly solicited lacks encouragement.

Though with 40 per cent alcoholic content, “elanga,” a liquor made from cocoa beans and coffee is said to be good for human consumption as the main ingredients; cocoa and coffee contains a lot of health benefits. Elanga cocoa liquor, processed since 2014 by an independent researcher, Elanga Elanga D, won the first price during a Scientific Research Excellence Day at the level of the Littoral Region organised by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation in 2016. With the award, many started believing in the product’s quality while others placed regular orders for home consumption. The Head of Arthur Agro-Tech, Elanga Elanga Dieudonné, said after the success of elanga cocoa liquor, they went into the production of elanga coffee liquor. According to him, if coffee is taken hot, it can also be taken in liquor form to ease digestion and correct other health challenges. Trained some 11 years ago in the cocoa processing field, Elanga Elanga Dieudonné, who is familiar with cocoa beans produce, admitted that though the government cannot employ all, those with great projects and are determined to contribute to the Gross Domestic Product of the country,  should at least be motivated. He disclosed that production is strictly on orders except during regional and national trade fairs when much quantity is produced in order for the populace to discover, taste and place their order. Manually distilled with love, the promoter said it is better than imported ones done by machines. He argued that should they have enough money, they will produce more and go for better packaging before readjusting the price of the liquor that cost FCFA 7,000 at the moment. We are opened to honest investors to move our production forward. “With good partners, we shall have enough to carry out standard advertisement rather than waiting to advertise only during trade fairs,” he disclosed.


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