Instant Chocolate Drink: Nasso Choco Joins Queue

Visibility is the cry of the company since good products without market is as bad as bad business.

Most Cameroonians have the perception that all beverages especially those that can be taken instantly in hot water like chocolate drinks are either imported or produced in Cameroon only by some ‘giant’ cocoa-processing companies. Little do they know that some small companies, yet to be known, equally produce good quality instant drinks. Nowadays, people are attached to brands and not quality, it is common to have people buy a particular brand especially in the cosmetics and dressing sector because some celebrities have them. Some Cameroonians including Fokam Tamno have dared in the sector that is said to be reserved to multinationals and other giant companies. Tamn Foods, headed by its CEO, Fokam Tamno, processes an instant chocolate drink dubbed “Nasso Choco” that has been sweetened for great taste and no need to add extra sugar or milk of any sort.      

Though produced in small quantity, the mouth-to-ear positive feedbacks from customers is enough reason to motivate the producer to increase production. The Head of Tamn Foods confirmed that the product does not only need visibility, but also needs enough means to carry out industrial production. Already existing for two years, the company that started processing just 50 kg of cocoa presently process 250kg per production session. The 250 kg of good cocoa powder without dirt will give between 150-180 tins of 400g, 410 tins of 200g, and 80 sachets of 100g. With enough resources, the CEO disclosed that they will produce up to a ton of good cocoa powder and supply shops, markets and supermarkets in all the regions in the country. The instant chocolate drink is sold at FCFA 2,200 per 400g content. According to the CEO, the seemingly high cost is because of high cost of packaging. The product has been known in some countries in the CEMAC sub region even though it is not known in some parts of Cameroon. To Fokam Tamno, those from Chad and Central African Republic get supplies from their partners in the Mboppi Market; known to contain traders from all countries in the sub region. “The essence of production is marketing and we wish to target the Nigerian market since they are not only one of our closest neighbours, but have the highest population in Africa as well. Good products without market is as bad as bad business,” he said.

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