Crispy Spaghetti For All

Since little salt is added, it makes it suitable even for diabetic and hypertensive patients. 

There are no two ways of preparing spaghetti apart from boiling first. After boiling, the user then decides on how it will be eaten. Some eat the boiled spaghetti with stew, others fry it with eggs and or sardine, while others boil it with rice. It will be strange for many to discover that spaghetti is also eaten somehow like chips or biscuit since it is crispy. The crispy spaghetti is gotten when boiled and dried. According to the Delegate of GIC Espoir, Binta epse Djiele, who resorted in making crispy spaghetti for livelihood, it can be eaten as snacks with or without liquid milk though the ideal eating method is without. “The crispy spaghetti is some sort of pleasure food but can still be taken to reduce hunger,” she added. Given that the spaghetti is boiled only with little amount of salt, it makes it suitable for both healthy people and those with different health issues including diabetes and hypertension. As to what motivated her to propose the making of crispy spaghetti  to her Common Initiative Group, she disclosed that she tasted it during a marriage feast and it was wonderful. She then decided to undergo a one-day training after which she instantly became a crispy spaghetti expert. The business according to her is profitable. “It is difficult to carry out processing and suffer loses,” she disclosed. Though the GIC Espoir don’t exhibit their products in big shops and supermarkets, they have a stream of customers ranging from happy event organisers like birthday celebration and marriages, as well as sad events like funerals. GIC Espoir processes about 10kg of homemade spaghetti and the same quantity of macaroni per week and a greater part of their production is realised through individuals and associations orders.

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