Local Development: Population Lauds HIMO Approach

The Labour Intensive Investment Program with French acronym HIMO, was implemented in 2014 by the Kumba City Council under the guise of the Government Delegate, Victor Ngoh Nkelle. 

Phase two of the project which involves the drainage of the Mambungise stream was a partnership between the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development and the Kumba City Council. The Mambungise stream stretches from Up-station through New quarter Kumba Town, Igbo Quarter and empties itself into Kumba River in Kumbai II Sub-Division. The project which was to begin on November 7, 2017, only resumed in December 2018 due to some problems faced such as the excavation of metallic objects and non- degradable plastics. The project which was estimated at the cost of FCFA 210,581,000 was covered in a period of eight months and had as objective of improving the access way of the stream, removal of trunk and waste deposited closer to the stream, cleaning of river banks and offshoots of structures, cleaning of water beds, excavation of foundation and the construction of riprap stonewalls, construction of gutters, construction of public seats and planting of eucalyptus trees and flowers to provide shade the public space. The project had a manpower of 50 workers. Taking to the Cameroon Business Today, one of the inhabitants of Kumba, Jean Ngechop said most of them living along the stream have benefitted a lot because the banks of the stream used to be terrible when it rains in Kumba since the stream used to overflow its banks. Houses along the stream course were usually flooded causing many people to quit the area due to constant infringement of snakes, mosquitoes, frogs, that became regular visitors. He posited that the Mambungise stream had been a health hazard to the population before the HIMO project. Many who had long escaped have now returned and are constructing houses and business places around the stream. The HIMO ideology is a new approach to national investment, under experimentation by the government. HIMO uses the best combination of light equipment, intensive labour and local materials for the realisation of development projects in order to increase economic growth, reduce poverty and create jobs

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    Monene Moite Bonene Mindako
    6months ago

    I like the HIMO project and i want to congratulate the effort which the kumba city council is putting.nI'm an inhabitant of kumba and will really wish to be selected among the workers of the next HIMO project when it's launched

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