Public Contracts: Reinforcing Performance In Public Procurement

Reforms in the Cameroon’s public procurement system will be pursued in 2020 with the voting of the budget of FCFA 16,536 billion for the financial year. The implementation of the new Public Contracts Code decreed in 2018 by the President of the Republic to bring sanity in the sector that was hitherto shrouded with corruption and bottle-necks will take centre stage in 2020. The objective of the government is to improve public procurement administration and ensure proper functioning of the system. The reinforcement of performance in the award, control and execution of public contracts will be government’s main focus in the course of the year. The Ministry will also continue efforts in view of vulgarizing the e-procurement system which went operational in December 2018. In 2019, some 5,430 contracts were awarded through the e-procurement system (online). MINMAP will not only accompany project owners and delegated project owners to ensure the maturation of public investment projects, it will also step up external control of supplies and service provision as well as infrastructure contracts. A total of 1, 646 physical execution of public contracts were effected in 2019 for an overall amount of FCFA 3, 801 billion, 72 per cent of it was infrastructure projects while 28 per cent concerns supplies and service contracts. This is expected to be stepped up in 2020.

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