Digital Economy: Mobile Telephone Repair Enterprises Encouraged

Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng on Tuesday February 4 handed over Attestations of Participation following one-month technical capacity upgrading of some 40 youth.

Cameroon’s resolute move towards the development of the digital economy sector has once again been demonstrated with the training of some informal sector actors in the domain. Posts and Telecommunications Minister, Minette Libom Li Likeng chaired the ceremony to hand over Attestations of Participation to some 40 young Cameroonians who were involved in the four-week technical capacity upgrading on the repairs of mobile telephones and other electronic communication terminals. The event that took place at the National School of Posts and Telecommunications and ICT in Yaounde was an opportunity for the Minister to underline government’s strive to assist youth in creating enterprises in the digital economy sector. While congratulating the 40 laureates, Minister Libom Li Likeng urged the youth to make judicious use of the knowledge acquired for the legitimate development of Cameroon. She told them not to be discouraged because her Ministry is there to help youth involved in the digital sector to be trained with adequate skills. She reminded them that “this program, which is part of the implementation of the government’s digital economy development strategy, aims to support young people in the creation of digital businesses, in the process of migration from the informal to the formal and in the development of digital small enterprises.

“We have identified those who are involved in mobile telephone repairing. They used to do it using matches but now we have identified good trainers from India with equipment. The bough those equipment and paid the trainers to help them. As this pilot stage has been successful, we are going to extend it all over the country,” Minister Libom Li Likeng told reporters after the ceremony which marked the closing of the pilot phase of a project implemented within the framework of the special programme for mentoring and coaching young people engaged in ICT.

The program, the Minister said, is aimed amongst other things, to strengthen the technical and operational capacities of young people in the informal digital sector, provide technical equipment to enable them start activities, administratively and financially assist young people in the process of creating businesses and promote digital entrepreneurship.

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