Douala V: Fierce Battle of Developmental Projects Ideas

Rehabilitating and constructing new roads, construction of a wood treatment centre and a sub-regional market are some of the priority projects.

Douala V council area is the largest in Wouri Division in terms of surface area 210 square kilometre with a population of over one million spread over 53 quarters and villages. It is the only council with 61 councillors including six deputy mayors. The outgoing councillors are drown from five political parties; PADDEC, UPC, CRM, SDF and CPDM. For the February 9 election, four political parties are vying to outsmart one another notably the CPDM, SDF, PCRN and PADDEC. The highly contested council area offers opportunities in all domains including fishing, agriculture, livestock, tourism, housing, education and industry.

As the count down to the February 2020 legislative and municipal elections draws closer, candidates of various political parties are unveiling their developmental plan to electors. The CPDM party candidates are proposing 28 developmental projects that will be carried out in the council area if they emerge winners of the municipal elections. Amongst the outstanding projects is the construction of a sub-regional market where traders from Chad, Congo, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon will buy and sell to their Cameroonian counterparts. Since roads are central to development, and one of the major worries of denizens of the Douala V council all the four aspiring political parties have the rehabilitation and construction of roads as their priority. The SDF however adds in their manifesto that they will create a factory for the production of paves which will be used to build “sustainable roads” given that the municipality is below sea level with recurrent floods. The production of the paves will also create jobs in addition to their ambitious youth empowerment plan and the modernisation of agriculture notably fish farming and animal husbandry.

Flood, which is one of the problems faced partly due to poor disposal of household waste; small bridges will be constructed and some rehabilitated while priority will also be given to the construction of drainages for a proper waterway. To support youth entrepreneurship, the council under the ruling party envisages to create a solidarity fund where young entrepreneurs will receive funding for their projects which will obviously reduce unemployment.

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