Martine Valorise: Resistant Quality Cameroon Made Bags

The bags made with pure leather and PVC tarpaulin and lined with Cameroonian fabric is for all and sundry

Bags are not only a necessity but compulsory for a household to have at least a single bag if not for travel then for school. There is no household without one or two bags of any type and that makes it possible for entrepreneurs to venture in the sector. Among those who work with leather is a young entrepreneur, Nnomo Jean Michel, who does not only produce quality and resistant school bags and accessories, but also produces a pack of travel bags and bags for professionals like that for musical instruments and for sportspersons. Furthermore, he makes lasting laptop bags, document holders and as well as women’s handbags. With good quality leather, Nnomo Jean Michel under his enterprise; MartineSarl, produce mostly on order. Amazed and satisfied with the bag quality when customers learnt they are Cameroonian made, they place orders not only for kids, but also for the family. A pack of school bag comprising a school bag, water bottle carrier and or snacks bag or pen carrier goes for FCFA 14,000 depending on the model, a simple school bag goes for b e t w e e n FCFA 9,000 and FCFA 14,000 while travel pack comprising three bags goes for between FCFA 60,000 and FCFA 65,000. However, MartineSarl will produce in good quantity in the long run when they will gather enough financial resources to set up a factory in the country. With enough resources, they will get more human resource, access to raw material at affordable prices and opening to large orders public and private companies. Since MartineSarl started producing the bags in 2016, they have so far got positive feedback from the public and those who have used the bags have testified of its good quality. Though the company don’t carry out formal advertisement yet, many have come to know of Martine Valorise from their website and Facebook page, dropping wonderful comments and placing orders. According to the promoter, the company is gradually being positioned as the public now have confidence in their products.

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