Onion Oil: Hair Growth Stimulant

The natural product gotten through maceration by Pronature is yet to get the required awareness.

Onion; the widely known ingredient not only in Africa but the world at large, is not only used in preparing delicious dishes but equally used in the cosmetics industry due to the outstanding components the root vegetable possesses. Passionate about anything that has to do with nature, the CEO of Pronature Mathurin Youmssi went into research to satisfy his curiosity and after many years of research, he then decided the public benefits from it reason he started processing natural products that enhance health and beauty three years back. One of the products; onion oil, is said to stimulate hair growth. Given that most women adore not only long but good hair, Mathurin Youmssi saw the need to contribute in achieving the goal by producing onion oil that does the magic. To him, the oil enhances hair growth, boosts good and thick hair and prevents hair breakage. He decided to go through the maceration process because using just onion juice that is as well good for hair growth, is not really practical as it has a strong unpleasant smell that lasts for long. But with the oil, the smell is mitigated through the maceration process and it is comfortable to use. He disclosed that the onion oil can equally be mixed in other suitable oil and will still be effective. Sold at FCFA 3,000 per 50ml and FCFA 500 per 100ml, the quantity produced is still on a small scale due to timid demand and blamed on inadequate awareness creation. Though there are sales points only in Douala including “Mbom”; a Made in Cameroon shop, the product is also sold out of Douala with travel agencies as main distributors. According to the CEO, he produces just five litres of the oil per production session and can produce up to 20 litres since his team has the knowhow and basic equipment.

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