Development of Port Space: Over 10,000 Essengue Inhabitants To Evacuate Area

The land they occupy that is owned by the Douala Port Authority, will soon play host to a 10km road and a parking lot of 5 hectares among other infrastructures.

I nhabitants of Essengue are still in doubt, shock and disbelieve as they have been told to evacuate the area they have made good memories for over 40 years. They will watch with heavy hearts how their hard earned investment sfor many years will crumble within the twinkle of an eye. According to information CBT gathered at Essengue yesterday, inhabitants will have to evacuate the site by July for a 10km road, a parking lot of 5 hectares and other ports infrastructures to commence. Since last week, they were told to leave the area, parents as well as grown up children haven’t had a good night sleep but wonder where they will go and how they will start afresh. The over 10,000 Essengue inhabitants know nothing but fishing and there are an estimated 7,000 fishermen who brave high tides and storm on daily bases to provide basic needs for their families. As at press time, they still carry on with their normal activities while holding meetings on the situation at hand. Some youths upon getting the news protested by blocking some main entrances into the quarter that has existed for over 50 years. While discussing with some inhabitants, they disclosed that they haven’t been told if they will be indemnified or given a bit of compensation. Though fishermen, the area has developed with many primary schools, a health centre, a polling station, good roads and many well-constructed storey buildings and bungalows. There are no signs that inhabitants have to leave the area since construction work especially of houses and canoe are ongoing as usual. It is worths of note that the President of the Republic declared on October 6th, 2011 in Douala that Douala must become the reference port in the Gulf of Guinea. Port management have been giving substance to the presidential declaration with numerous indepth transformation projects carried out on the port space and in the coming weeks, the port will launch construction works at Essengue which is part of the public port domain.

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