SOCTRACAO: Transforming Cocoa Beans Into 15 Health-friendly Products

The company with 12 employees process 500kg of cocoa beans monthly.

The health benefits of cocoa beans are enormous and coupled with the riches it comes with, many Cameroonians depend on it as a source of livelihood. The sector is sub divided into two which includes the cosmetics and the agro sub sectors. Scores of Cameroonian companies including SOCTRACAO (Societé Commerciale et de transformation de cacao) are into the cocoa sector processing mouth-watering products including skin and hair care products like Splanderm hair care, Splanderm soap, Splanderm body milk and Goshen cocoa butter. Some of the soaps are antidotes to skin diseases while the body milk softens and gives the skin a smooth texture. The company also produces foods like chocolate bars and chocolate spread including NYA Mboa, CHOCO Mboa and Tartine Mboa. According to the promoter of SOCTRACAO, NDEH Dieudonné, they went into processing cocoa products due to the immeasurable riches the sector possess and the unlimited health benefits cocoa feeds the body with.

Since the company started production in 2015, a lot of innovations have been carried out in terms of packaging and quality. The quantity of chocolate produced has also increased drastically from 100kg per month to processing 500kg at press time. With the sum of FCFA 1 million initial capital, SOCTRACAO engaged in processing 15 products and engaged the services of 12 Cameroonians who put food on their tables thanks to the company.

With a striking packaging and social media exposure, the FCFA 10 million worth company has got local visibility and are working hard to entice international eyes starting from Africa through Europe to America. With product prices ranging from between FCFA 350 and FCFA 10,000, the promoter has made sure that his products are on the shelves of nearly all supermarkets in Douala and Yaounde including Carrefour, Santa Lucia, as well as some made in Cameroon Shops.

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