“The Riches In Cocoa Is Immeasurable”

Dieudonné Ndeh, Promoter SOCTRACAO.

What motivated you to engage in the already saturated cosmetics and agro business sector?

We were motivated by the riches found in cocoa and the fact that Cameroon is one of the cocoa-producing countries in the world made it feasible. We also found out that getting the raw material which are cocoa beans and cocoa powder is not at all difficult. The fact that the raw material is of good quality since cocoa farmers are taught on growing quality cocoa in order for the cocoa to sell well at the national and world market also motivated us to engage in the sector. In addition, farmers are given technics in harvesting, drying, sorting and storage which makes the cocoa quality great. Given that cocoa is packed with magnificent health benefits, we then decided to explore all the riches in cocoa through producing cosmetics and foods that will add a plus to the health of fellow Cameroonians and foreigners.

Why should one buy SOCTRACAO’s products instead of strong imported brands?

The products are 100 per cent natural and void of chemicals and it is the more reason why our products should be patronised since they are health friendly. In addition, I think my products should be patronised because many others put food on their tables thanks to my activities. The product quality is also an added advantage for me since the locally made products contain a good quantity of cocoa which makes it very good for our health contrary to some imported products made with unwanted cocoa.

What are some of the major difficulties you face?

The main difficulty we are facing today is our production capacity which is very low. The low production level is not due to raw materials because raw materials are available round the year. The difficulty is caused by the lack of appropriate industrious machines that will help us produce huge quantity at a time. With the machines we have, it is tedious since we have to produce just small quantity per production session. Getting such industrious machines requires a lot of money and if we can get a helping hand from the government, we will go a long way to reduce unemployment since we are going to need more hands to improve production capacity.    

What perspective for SOCTRACAO?

Our perspectives in term of production is to increase chewable chocolate to 1,500 kg and chocolate spread to 10,000kg monthly. We really desire to acquire new equipment and we want to put new products on the market such as spreadable chocolates made from sesame, pistachio oil and beaker’s chocolates.

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