Camaroes: Home-made Table Wine Breaking New Grounds

The enjoyable and therapeutic wine yearns for visibility.

When good wine is mentioned, wine-making countries like Italy and France are likely to take credit because it is said they produce the best of wines. Though wine is mostly made with wine grape which is not grown in Cameroon, Cameroonians are gradually engraving their marks on the national and international market as wine-making is gradually becoming a money-making sector in Cameroon. It is evident that the number of wine brands that have cropped up within the last five years is telling of the emerging sector. With the entrepreneurial spirit, passion and zeal to succeed, Cameroonians have discovered wine grape alternative; Sorrel fruit, commonly known as ‘foléré’ to produce quality wine. With the fruit, millions of bottles of good quality red wine have been and are still being produced by enterprising Cameroonians including Berlin Ngah, the Chief Executive Officer of Limitless Agrobusiness.

The emerging brand Camaroes by Limitless Agrobusiness has been receiving thousands of likes on Facebook and positive feedbacks from consumers. To the CEO of Limitless Agrobusiness, the wine brand Camaroes is 100 per cent natural and made with exclusive local raw materials that contributes a plus to health, thus the wine is considered therapeutic. “We emphasise on three essential aspects of the product that makes it unique which are the quality, the image and the price,” Berlin Ngah said. Though one of the recent brands in the wine sector, the CEO said they work round the clock to improve on the quality that will meet international standard and be competitive in order to give no reason for consumers to envy foreign products. “We work to offer a wine of superior quality to consumers with low purchasing power. As paradoxical as it may seem, our main objective is to democratise the consumption of table wine in Cameroon so that it is no longer considered a luxury product but that every household can have the possibility to afford a bottle of wine for their Sunday meal,” he further explained.

The business that was set up with less than FCFA 500,000, has grown in size and number as production moved from about 100 bottles per production session early 2020 to about 1,000 bottles at press time. Present in Made in Cameroon shops in Douala and Yaounde, the promoter is working towards making the wine available nationwide. With three permanent workers, the company employ extra hands during production, promotion and distribution period. Camaroes, bottled in 75cl is sold at FCFA 3,000.

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