FongiStoic: A Match to Fungi, Pests

The product by the University Institute of Technology of the Douala University is organic.

F armers in the Littoral and the South West Regions in particular and other giant production zones in Cameroon have suffered immeasurable loses due to pest and fungi destruction. Though some farmers afford to buy fungicides made with chemicals that is said to have aftereffect on plants, farmers and consumers, they know it is bad but in order to make much money, they engage in using inorganic fungicides. It is a fact that inorganic pesticides also kills or prevents the growth of fungi and their spores but it causes some damages to man and the plants. However, the story will soon change with the University Institute of Technology of the University of Douala, UIT, in the picture. Dubbed FongiStoic, the project holder, Ingrid Laetitia Tchouakam disclosed that due to the abusive use of chemical fungicide and the harmful effects it has on man and the environment, she carried out series of research and came out with FongiStoic endorsed by UIT Douala hierarchy. The organic fungicide is preventive and applied on young plants like potatoes, tomatoes and pepper. When the liquid made from the floral water of some three aromatic plants including lemongrass, cloves and eucalyptus is applied on the young plant, it prevents fungi and pests from attacking and destroying the plant. The use of the fungicide assures abundant harvest and most importantly the cultivated products are 100 per cent organic and harmless to man. Since the project is still at its initial state, Ingrid Laetitia Tchouakam said with enough material and capital, she can produce on an industrial scale. With a little of FongiStoic costing FCFA 3,500, she targets small scale farmers at the moment and when it blossoms, she will propose to companies and even engage in partnership for more and efficient production.

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