Structural Projects: Economic Growth Stimulus!

The government has set a clear objective to finalise the ongoing projects in order to fully reap the impending benefits.

Cameroon has in the past years been transformed into a vast worksite. This is because the government initiated several structural projects in the sectors of energy, water and road infrastructure. Though most of the projects are still on course, their contributions to the national economy are promising with trickle down effects already palpable.  The Yaounde-Nsimalen motorway with works nearing completion, the Yaounde-Douala motorway whose first phase is already open for use, the Lom Pangar, Memve’ele dams and the Yaounde and its environs water project from Sanaga are some of the projects that will change the narrative upon completion.

Cognizant of the crucial role the various projects will have on the economy, government actions during the next few years is focused on completing the projects in order to fully reap from their fallouts. In defining the budget orientation for 2022 State budget, President Paul Biya’s circular of August 30, 2021highlighted priority areas amongst which is the completion of first generation projects. The first generation projects will be given priority as government wish to consolidate the economic growth dynamic by curbing the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The action levers, the presidential circular holds, should primarily focus on the commissioning of major infrastructure projects. With the projected growth in the economy by 4.4 per cent in 2022, the first generation projects will play in crucial role in contributing to the growth.

Even the National Development Strategy SND 2020-2030 gives the pride of place to the structural as levers of national growth. Hinged on the structural transformation of the economy, the first generation projects in the domains electricity, water and road infrastructure are indispensable ingredients for industrialization. The government has made it priority on the development of productive infrastructure very clear as the country strives for emergence. “In order to stay on the path of emergence by 2035, the infrastructure gaps, identified within the framework of the implementation of the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper will need to be filled. It will entail finalising the execution of major first-generation projects as a matter of priority,” the SND2020-2030 document reads. The productive infrastructure are not only growth stimulus but equally a source for employment.

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