Charcoal: Cheaper Alternative Cooking Fuel

Beans or Koki beans are hardly boiled on the gas cooker because it does not only take a lot of time to get ready, but equally consumes a lot of gas. The cooking fuel is used by a majority of the population in Douala. Given that there are certain food that can be best prepared using charcoal, many households cannot do without. Charcoal sold in Douala comes from Edea in the Sanaga Maritime Division. It is more expensive in the wet season than the dry season and at times even expensive during the dry season when forest guards frequent the forest for control. A well loaded bag of charcoal is sold at FCFA 8,500 and FCFA 9,000 depending on clients bargaining power while buckets costing FCFA 200, FCFA 300 and FCFA 500 are mostly bought by roasted fish dealers.

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