“Good Agro Technique Mitigates Itches”

Josiane Fandio Wandji, CEO Dream Services.

“Macabo” is a tuber that is known to itch if not well-cooked, why fry it?

The Macabo chips does not itch as many people have it at the back of their minds that it itches. Since we put in a lot of efforts and do it meticulously following good agro technique that helps arrest itching element in cocoyam. When I carried out research on how to kill the itching property in cocoyam, I then engaged several attempts and the fourth attempt was very successful. It was only after getting it right that I involved friends and close relatives on the table. After feeding them the chips three consecutive times without having itching feedback, I became confident of the Macabo chips and it equally motivated me to take it to the public. To my greatest surprise, many that have tasted the Macabo chips disclosed they will have nothing to do with other chips especially the ordinary ones. 

What are some of the difficulties you face in producing the chips?

My major difficulty used to be the lack of a good slicer though I finally had another but will be more performant if I have one that is resistant enough. As for raw material, there is enough and the only problem we have is to identify chemical-free cocoyam when buying because it is not good for health. For this reason, we have identified and had contract with one supplier at the moment and we are sure she buys her cocoyam from farmers that don’t use chemicals. At the long run, we shall create our farm to be 100% sure that what we give out to the public is not health destructive. Away from that, we have the problem of penetrating the market since some people don’t still believe that Macabo chips by Dream Services don’t itch. We just want to carry out enough sensitisation especially during trade fairs to make the product known and equally we will be happy if the product is accepted and it is only after which we can enjoy the fruit of our labour.

What perspectives for Chip Macabo?

I’m at the beginning for the moment since it is just a year I started marketing the chips. I have a great vision for this brand and I’m working towards realising it in the near future. I want the brand to be known not only in Douala but also nationwide. I know it won’t be easy for the product to be known to that extent given limited means and insufficient sensitisation. At this juncture, the company Dream Services will be needing representatives in all the regions and enough man power for production and distribution. The company is also working towards having partners that can buy shares for the vision to be realised. For now the packaging is good and will only be changed in the future if need be.

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