Manicure, Pedicure…A Currency-Getting Sector.

Long artificial nails and a glowing face is the preoccupation of most single as well as married ladies.

T he wind of looking good is blowing everywhere and mostly directed towards young ladies and to a lesser extend middle age women. With the exposure on social media, they post pictures at any given opportunity to earn the complement “looking good”. There is a daily change of profile picture on WhatsApp and Facebook and not forgetting status and stories on same platforms. The change in pictures mostly brought about by a new hair style, nice artificial nails or glowing face while still in the beauty salon. Though some 5 years back the trend of beauty wasn’t for everyone. However, things have changed, many young girls and boys have been trained to do impeccable manicure and pedicure and even facial cleansing to take care of the ever growing population that love to look good.

In the economic capital Douala, there are hundreds of classic beauty salon where such services are offered. Given that some cannot afford to make their nails in such salons, many girls in the sector noticed and created space in most market to welcome those with little means. In an open air, hundreds of such girls rush after clients and even collect as little as FCFA 700 and as much as FCFA 3,000 for manicure and same amount for pedicure. Since they don’t pay tax as classic salons, the market master is satisfied with the FCFA 100 tickets they buy on daily basis. The activity is booming as some naïve girls and women do it frequently to show-off while the salon attendant encourage them and create new designs on daily basis. At MARINA SPAR, a beauty salon that attracts people of all social strata at Bonaberi Douala, the vibrant Manager, Georges Toukourou disclosed that the sector is lucrative. The multiplicity of beauty salon and training centres at the same time is telling of the profit they make and the giant contribution the sector raise as tax to the economy. In such salons, the least amount for manicure is FCFA 1,000 and some pay as much as FCFA 15,000 for complicated and classic manicure. Pedicure is not as expensive as manicure because most people prefer to do expensive manicure since they speak with their fingers and do simple pedicure since some put on cover toe footwear. Facial treatment is another challenge for women, and having a smooth face void of rash of any sort is their priority. Facial treatment cost between FCFA 3,000 and FCFA 10,000 depending on how sophisticated the beauty salon is while massage which is not done by just anybody is more expensive costing between FCFA 5,000 and FCFA 40,000 per session.

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