Manjombe Oil: Remedy For All Sorts of Mycosis…

The medicinal oil, produced from great herbs by PROPLAMECAM CIG is talk of the town.

S kin diseases including ringworm, eczema, and all kinds of fungal infections on fingers, toes or the skin have found their match; Manjombe Oil, produced by a common initiative group dubbed PROPLAMECAM. Skin diseases in children especially ringworm and eczema are very persistent and hardly eradicated after a short time. It is the same thing with fungal infection in adults especially on fingers and toes. According to the inventor of the medicinal oil, Manjombe Eyango Christian who prefers to be referred to as Dr Manjombe, his team carried out research in beauty salons and aesthetic centres on the mycosis that customers suffer most and discovered that fungal infection is a major problem and it is the main reason he produced Manjombe oil from medicinal herbs to salvage the situation. After experimenting the oil on himself and family members and in some beauty salons in Douala including Good Feeling, the positive feedback was a bag of encouragement to the team that worked with two medical practitioners all along. In less than three months of production, PROPLAMECAM has produced 720 bottles of 30g each in five production sessions. Given the efficacy of Manjombe Oil, the news of its effectiveness spread from mouth to ear and a rush for the product that cost FCFA 6,500 has given reason for PROPLAMECAM to increase product...

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