Finance Law Ordinance, General Inflation…

The National Assembly and the Senate opened yesterday June 7 in separate plenary sessions for the second ordinary session of the legislative year.

Members of the National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament) and those of the Senate (Upper House) began meeting in Yaounde on June 7, for the second ordinary session of parliament for the legislative year 2022. While the National Assembly opened its doors of the House Chamber at 11 AM under the auspices of House Speaker, Cavaye Yeguié Djibril, the Senate converged at 4PM under the leadership of Marcel Niat Njifenji. For one month, the members of parliament of both chambers will deliberate on issues affecting national life. Prominent amongst the issues the people’s representatives will be scrutinizing includes the recent presidential ordinance amending and supplementing certain provisions of Law No.2021/26 of 16 December 2021: Finance Law of the Republic of Cameroon for 2022 fiscal year. In effect, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya on June 2, signed Ordinance No.2022/001 increasing the State Budget for 2022 financial year by FCFA 328 billion. According to the Ordinance, the budget is now balanced in revenue and expenditure at FCFA 6 080 400 000 000 comprising FCFA 5 977 700 000 000 for the general budget and FCFA 102 7000 000 000 for special appropriation accounts. The adjustment also factors in the State subvention on hydrocarbons products which has increased with the increase in oil prices. Other innovations such as the FCFA 30,000 payment for COVID-19 PCR screening test amongst other things are included in the ordinance.

During the current parliamentary session therefore, parliamentarians are expected to be edified on the changes on the Finance Law by the government through a bill or oral question sessions. Meanwhile, Cameroonians of all walks of life have also been going through excruciating generalized in...

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