Cameroon Development Corporation: Over FCFA 15 billion Turnover In 2021

Members of the Board of Directors of the corporation evaluated the performance of the State-owned agroindustry recently in an ordinary board meeting chaired by Hope Sona Ebai.

T he Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), is said to be gradually swimming out of the trouble waters as the performance of the agro-industry is steadily improving. From the meagre little over FCFA 3 billion turn over in 2019 to about FCFA 8 billion in 2020. It progressed to FCFA 15 billion in 2021 despite the security challenges CDC has been subjected to following the escalation of the socio-political upheavals that has rocked the North West and South West Regions since late 2016. The performance of the corporation came under scrutiny recently during the ordinary session of the Board of Directors dedicated to the examination of the administrative Stores and management accounts of the corporation. According to the General Manager, Franklin Ngoni Njie, CDC is at the moment not making profits under prevailing conditions. “What we record as success is a reduction in losses,” he stated. Ngoni Njie said the hope of CDC is with the workers whom he challenged to fold their sleeves and go back to the plantations. The workers, he added, should brave the odds and muster the courag...

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