Lux Fresh: Therapeutic Homemade Cosmetics

Lux Fresh has stood the test of time with 14 products, moving from 30kg production to 1,000kg.

T he cosmetics sector is one of the currency-getting sectors that has employed many Cameroonians with a lot of knowhow. As time goes on, new talents are discovered and new products put on the shelves of supermarkets and on the local market. The sector has grown big and product quality improve on daily basis. Some product are so good that they occupy the front shelves of some supermarkets including Lux Fresh by the promoter, Jules Bertrand Deumawoua. The company started production in 2019 with a capital of FCFA 500,000 and before then, the promoter of the company disclosed that, he underwent some training seminars and as well bought some machines that have been of help till date.

After getting the assurances from friends and close family members on product quality, he went into production and at the start, he produced 30kg of the therapeutic bathing soap. Production continued to grow as customers equally increased and at as press time, the company produces some 1,000kg. With some eight workers, the company also produces quality shampoo for pets and does its best to produce quality soap and distributes in various sales points in some parts of the country. Though the company makes enough profit, it ploughs back into the bu...

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