Inflation: Regional Governors Briefed On Gov’t Actions

The first annual conference of Regional administrative heads for 2022 has wrapped of in Yaounde with a call for them to keep a keen eye on the situation of inflation and security in their respective administrative units.

T he effects of the protracted global pandemic; coronavirus were still lingering around when the Russia-Ukraine war in Eastern Europe also broke out. These two events of no mean magnitude have affected the world’s economic outlook with disparaging consequences on the populations. Cameroon like most countries in the world is not spared by the aftermath of these two occurrences which has disrupted international supply chains as well as maritime freight. The result is the generalized inflation witnessed nationwide by the population. The inflation phenomenon has led to the upshot of prices of basic food necessities, further weakening the purchasing power of the population. The present context of generalized inflation has not left the government indifferent. It therefore goes without saying the raison d’être of the focus of the first annual Governor’s conference for 2022 was in context. The theme of the Annual Governors’ conference that was opened on August 8, 2022 by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji hinged on “Administrative Authorities and the Security Challenges in the difficult socio-economic period.” Focus was thus on security challenges and tackling the generalized inflation which Minister Atanga Nji said has been worsened by unscrupulous economic operators who are creating artificial scarcity in order to increase prices of commod...

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