Tropical Spices: The Wonders of “Les Petits Pots de Sanza’a”

The spice brand that joined the race in 2020, is taking giant steps towards building a strong trade marrk.

S ome men’s habit of eating outside with the pretext that food made at home is not delicious is gradually fading out thanks to numerous homemade spices that add not only flavour to the food but makes it tasty and attractive. Creativity, which is the watchword of most Cameroonians in the gastronomy sector is breaking new grounds. There are readymade spices for virtually every meal including the very complicated ones like ‘Nkwi’. Part of the credit of making cooking easier goes to two siblings that own a spices-production unit known as Sanza’a Industries producing the mouth-watering spices called “Les Petits Pots de Sanza’a”. According to the two sisters, Philomène de Cannelle and Dominique Audrey, the secret recipe is a priceless gift from their Grand-mother. The two sisters that wears the cap of Directors in the company are passionate about cooking reasons they started in 2020 by roasting and grilling using the spices for their relatives and close friends to savour before going commercial. Producing marinade (spices) for food and grills to them is not an easy task. With some FCFA 50,000, they bought raw materials and engaged in production in Nkoabang, Yaounde in 2020. As at press time, they produce 50 sachets of 100g each of spices and 100 sachets of pepper daily with a sachet sold in Made-in Cameroon Sho...

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