Improve Sector’s Resilience

The pig sector is one of the main animal production contributor. It does not only contribute to the national meat production but also to food security and economic growth through income generation and job creation. The pig sector in Cameroon is however under threat following high risks of epizootic disease outbreak. The last outbreak of the African swine fever as it is commonly known was in August-September last year. The outbreak has since then left a disastrous impact on the sector which lost about 22 per cent of the total herds. Since then, the sector has severely been destabilised. What is even disturbing is the frequent outbreak of the African swine fever and its rapid spread in different production basins. It is therefore incumbent on the powers that be to put in place disease control mechanisms to protect the sector. Regular vaccination campaigns of the pigs could be organized for example to render the animals resistant to such diseases. Also, pig breeders should also be trained on the basic hygiene issues related to the business in order to avert such catastrophic outbreak. Poor hygienic conditions are a big contributing factors to the outbreak of such animal diseases and its rapid spread. Experts are therefore prescribing minimum hygienic measures by pig breeders. These measures and many more would improve the resilience of the sector and lead to sustainable productivity of pork which is high consumed in many households in the country. The regular epizootic dis...

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