Imported Used Vehicles: Filing Of Custom Duties, Taxes On CAMCIS Goes Effective Today

The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze has issued a release stipulating January 10 for effective

E xternal trade in Cameroon will from this Wednesday January 10 witness a new momentum as the registration and payment of custom duties and other taxes on imported goods including used vehicles will effectively commence on the digital platform dubbed Cameroon Customs Information System (CAMCIS). According to the release, registration and stamp duties on imported used vehicles will be filled and paid via the Cameroon Customs Information System, alongside customs duties and taxes through the Customs Assessment Bulletin (BLD). Taxpayers, foreign trade operators and Authorized Customs Agents are therefore notified that registration duties on the importation of used vehicles, currently filed through the Directorate General of Taxation’s IT system, will now be filed and paid when the goods are cleared via Customs Assessment Bulletin in CAMCIS. The Finance Minister points out that the new administrative measure, designed to facilitate procedures and improve the service provided to users, does not introduce new taxes or increase the tax burden of taxpayers. While officially launching the new Cameroon Customs Information System (CAMCIS) sometime ago in Yaounde, Finance Minister, Louis Paul Motaze, indicated that this will lead to «a significant improvement in the business environment» of the country. Similarly, he stressed that CAMCIS will promote «sustained profitability of the private sector». The new system has three portals: the first is dedicated to customs officers, the second to economic operators and the third to the public. This makes it possible to carry out operations remotely. «CAMCIS is an electronic customs clearance...

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