“The Wine’s Production Capacity Is Still Low”

Philippe Guekam, Managing Director of Cave d’Afrique, producer of Bitacola Wine.

What motivated you to engage in the production of Bitacola wine?

The numerous therapeutic properties of bitter kola gave me the inspiration to produce wine with it. As we all know, bitter kola plant as a whole is good for the health when used in one way or the other. The seed, which is what we eat is packed with a lot of virtues especially as it arrests all sorts of stomach disorder. Bitter kola also has the properties to treat cough, gastric, reduce waist and back pain and improves a man’s sexual strength. Away from the therapeutic properties, I also want to prove to the world that wine cannot be made only from grape, but equally from other raw materials including fruits, Sorrel and some herbs. Since wine grape does not do well in Africa and Cameroon in particular because of climate, better alternatives are being discovered on daily basis. With this wine, my fellow compatriots will not only savor the good quality but get treated simultaneously.

What quantity do you produce and who are your customers?

The wine’s production capacity is still low. We started producing five cartons which is 30 bottles per production session. Production increased as people testified how good the wine is. From mouth to ear, cartons of wine added to our production. It reached 100 cartons with the coming into play of an overseas partner who ship their consignment to France. We sell just the liquid to the French partner for them to bottle at their convenient using packaging of their choice. For three years now, the French partn...

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