Post, Telecommunications, ICTs: MINPOSTEL Mobilises Stakeholders For Efficient Services

The annual conference of the Postal and Telecommunications sector held on January 23, 2024 in Yaound

Public and private actors in the Postal and Telecommunications sector in the country have converged on Yaounde to brainstorm on how to improve efficiency of services. Meeting under the leadership of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng for their annual conference, stakeholders of the postal and telecommunication sector x-rayed the just ended year, strides made to improve the sector as well as challenges for the current year. Their reflections enabled them to define a roadmap and set objectives to be realized in 2024. Addressing participants who included senior officials of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications at both central and devolved services, heads of public corporations and institutions under her tutelage and private operators of the sector, Minister Libom Likeng revisited actions taken so far by the government to embellish and improve the efficiency of the sector in contributing to economic development of the country.

2023 Achievements

The year 2023 was marked by the launching of the operation “Flight-mode” organized by customers of mobile telephone operators in protest against the quality and cost of electronic communications services in the country. Though the protest led to considerable efforts by operators following instructions from the Ministry, the challenge of providing users with high quality electronic communications at the lowest possible cost remains. This, Minister Libom pointed out, will be a major undertaking in 2024. Another milestone for 2023 according to the MINPOSTEL boss was the continuation of the clean-up operation in the postal services. The operation, she admitted, has led to the regularization of a number of private operators. Meanwhile, Cameroon Postal Services, CAMPOST, consolidated its collaboration with the private sector stakeholders in the process of digitising its services with the aim of achieving a greater social and economic inclusion. Also, the government launched the Project to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Cameroon (PATNUC) is aimed at increasing digital inclusion and the use of digital agricultural solutions in targeted agricultural value chains.

Digital Transformation As Priority

The main objective of the government is to ensure digital transformation of the economy as an important lever for growth. “The Head of State’s revered vision for the Posts, Telecommunications and ICT sector is to ensure the digital transformation of Cameroon’s economy and society so that it contributes fully to the development of our country. To this end, there are many challenges facing all the stakeholders in the sector’s ecosystem, each of whom has a role to play. It is therefore necessary to optimise this division of labour,” Minister Libom stressed. Given that digital technology is now widely recognised as a vector for development in many African countries, thanks to its potential to create jobs and accelerate growth, the MINPOSTEL boss underlined that the Postal and Telecommunications sector, which is at the centre of the digital economy and its driving force, is therefore at the heart of the issues at stake in the emergence of the digital economy. “It is therefore clear that one of the major challenges for 2024 is to mobilise all stakeholders, public authorities and the private sector, to work together to boost the sector so that it can effectively support Cameroon’s development,” explained Minister Libom while justifying the theme chosen for this year’s annual conference: “Towards a more efficient postal and telecommunications sector that resolutely serves the public, the roles and responsibi...

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