Buea: Rents In Private Housing Sector Are Surging

But the lodging put in place by the State has a fix amount throughout the national territory

I n the last five years, the population of Buea seems to have doubled judging from the traffic noticed on its roads. Many in troubled areas in the face of the crisis rocking North West and South West Regions have sought refuge in Buea which is relatively calm. This has led to an increase in housing demand. A single selfcontained room has moved from FCFA 20 000 to FCFA 30 000. A modern studio is now 45 000 away from FCFA 30 000. Two bedroom apartment is FCFA 80 000 from FCFA 50 000. Three bedroom has moved from FCFA 80 000 to FCFA 120 000. In the face of this price hike, scarcity remains the order of the day. Ashu Samson, South West regional Delegate for Housing and Urban Development said the rents are determine by the property owner. That it is so because there is no landlord tenancy law in Cameroon which would have regulated rent in the private sector. In Cameroon, the housing industry has two suppliers which are the private and the public. On Friday January 26, 2024, Ashu Samson indicated that housing remains the most needed infrastructure in the entire world but it seems to be the last because the demand is always higher compare to supply. Traditionally, it is the private sector that supplies houses to the needy but because of the insufficiency in supply, the State has stepped in through the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing to help the private sector realize some unit of houses that can lodge its population. In the South West, Limbe is already boasting of two blocks of low cost housing. The low cost housing unit project in Buea has been abandoned for years now. Municipal authorities of Kumba and Mamfe have provide parcels of land for the construction of low cost houses. The low cost houses are of four types. Type T3 which has two categories. The first has two bedrooms, a livingroom, kitchen and two toilets but without a veranda. It cost approximately FCFA 35 000. The second type has the same space with a veranda in the parlour and kitchen. It c...

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