Withholding Tax, Automobile Stamp Duty Certificates: Online Issuance Goes Operational

The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze has issued a release announcing the start of the operatio

Withholding tax certificate and automobile stamp duty payment certificate are henceforth issued exclusively online through the tax administration’s computer system. A press release issued by the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze on March 1, 2024 indicates that the issuance began on March 4 for the first phase and March 18 for the second phase. The two phased operation, the release states, is to ensure a smooth rollout of the new system. The pilot phase which started on March 4, 2024, concerns 25 largest public and private entities while the general rollout phase for all concerned taxpayers begins on March 18, 2024. According to the release, the Minister of Finance has underscored the importance of the operation stating that the new administrative reform contained in the Law No. 2023/019 of December 19, 2023 bearing the Finance Law of the Republic of Cameroon for the 2024 fiscal year, is aimed at simplifying procedures and enhance tax payer service without introducing any new taxes or increasing the tax burden.

Going by the 2024 Finance Law, the stamp duty on motor vehicles collected by insurance companies during the first payment of the insurance premium, whether partial or total, is subject to the issuance of a receipt generated from the online tax portal. Failure by insurance companies to issue a certificate of payment of the said stamp duty generated from the online tax portal shall be punishabl...

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