Start-ups, SMEs : OVAMBA Presents Financing Techniques

The structure that assists SMEs get assits say getting finances to start or grow a business is a pro

Most businessmen especially start-ups after conceiving a good project find it difficult to raise funds. Most of them believe that the traditional bank loan is the only means of finance. Experts working closely with the sector have disclosed that the bank is just one of the many financial bodies that businesses can depend on for funding. Other sources include tontine, family and friends that believe in you and institutional or virtual capital investors. It is common to see projects die in an incubator due to lack of funds. Some of them blame their financial handicap on the huge collateral security some financial institutions placed as condition to grab a loan.  The Chief Executive Officer of OVAMBA; a structure that assists SMEs get assets to grow their businesses, said there is a lot of cash in Cameroon but the principal hindrance is lack of trust. “The money lenders will have questions like if they were to provide the money to someone else, will they actually use it for the purpose it is intended for? Will it be done in a wise manner? And if the money will come back to them with a return,” .OVAMBA CEO, Marvin R.R Cole analysed. “We are not a money lending institution, but we help grow businesses by providing what they need as assets,” he added. To show how trustworthy a business is, there have to be total transparency between the business owner and money lender.  Getting a loan is not as complicated as some think. The bank of SMEs that went operational over two years back, has financed about 1,000 SMEs and start-ups. According to a credible source in the economic capital, after studying the files of SMEs making sure they have all necessary documents, they give out material and financial loan, some with collaterals and others without. “We mostly buy the materials for the SMEs and only give them small amount of cash which makes it difficult for them to vanish with the money. As for the materials bought like machines, the SME Bank considers them as collateral securities in case of non-payment,” the source explained. He added that even those without experience, once they are awarded a contract, the bank finances and when the money is paid into the bank’s account, the bank recovers what it spent and hands the rest to the enterprise. Most documents for funding are rejected because the procedures to get a finances are not followed.

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